About Szio+ Inc

Szio+ Inc. was founded in 2017 by Canadian healthcare industry professionals Derek Oh and Faraz Nomani.

Szio+ has become a trusted and physician-approved health company across North America. We’re passionate about providing high-quality alternatives that enhance your health and reduce the need for prescription medications.

Each Szio+ brand is created to give individuals and families the opportunity to take an active role in prevention and wellness. We make sure everything we create is clinically-proven, recommended by doctors, and easily accessible to all.

Simple. Natural. Backed by Science.

Szio+ addresses various therapeutic areas where there is an opportunity to improve one’s health through self-diagnosis and best in class natural products. Each therapeutic area will have a dedicated brand name and clinically proven options for use.

At Szio+, we take pride in working with professional healthcare providers to ensure products brought to market will be recommended by them, for you.

Natural and Clinically Proven UTI Prevention
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LCE Coated Liposomal Iron for Maximum Absorption
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