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Iron Deficiency Anemia & Celiac Disease: How to Choose the Right Iron Supplement

Low iron is one of the most common symptoms of celiac disease. Learn how to choose an iron supplement that will boost iron without making your celiac symptoms worse.

Iron Deficiency and Perimenopause

Irregular periods during perimenopause can cause iron deficiency for many women. Here’s how to boost iron levels, plus the best iron supplement for perimenopause.

Is Iron Deficiency Anemia Hereditary?

Iron-refractory iron deficiency anemia (IRIDA) is a rare genetic form of iron deficiency. Let’s explore the symptoms, causes, and the best iron supplement for IRIDA.

IBS and Anemia: How to Boost Iron Levels Without Triggering Your IBS Symptoms

Discover the link between IBS and anemia. Plus, the best iron supplement for IBS to increase iron levels without gastrointestinal side effects. 

How to Stay Consistent With Your Iron Supplement

Iron supplements can boost energy levels and reduce symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. But taking them consistently is key for optimal benefits.

Iron Deficiency Anemia in Children

About 7% of kids under 5 have an iron deficiency. Here’s how to spot low iron and improve iron levels in kids, including the best iron supplements for children.

10 Vital Health Benefits of Vitamin C: From Iron Absorption to Collagen Production

Vitamin C can boost immunity, speed up wound healing, improve heart health, and help enhance iron absorption when infused into an iron supplement.

How to Boost Iron Levels This Summer (And Avoid Heat Stroke Caused by Low Iron)

Hot weather can cause harmful side effects for people with iron deficiency anemia. Here’s how to boost iron levels during the summer, including the best iron supplements for anemia.

Why women are more prone to anemia

Heavy periods, pregnancy, and absorption issues make it harder for women to get the iron they need every day. Iron supplements can help.

Why is the dose of some iron supplements so high?

The best iron supplements are the ones that don’t require a high dosage. Learn why liposomal iron offers the highest absorption without gastrointestinal side effects.

The 11 most important nutrients for athletes

Nutrient deficiencies, like iron deficiency, can hurt athletic performance. Here’s how to update your diet, plus the best iron supplements for athletes.

10 ways to feel more energized

From stress to sleep to iron deficiency—learn why you feel so tired all the time and how to boost your energy levels for good.

Blood Health 101: How to naturally detox your blood

Our top tips for boosting your blood health and cleansing your blood through food, herbs, and small lifestyle changes.

What are the health benefits of vitamin B12?

This powerhouse vitamin can boost memory, improve mood, support a healthy pregnancy, and reduce your risk of anemia.

Signs your immune system needs a boost

Feeling sleepy? Stressed? Sick all the time? It might be time to strengthen your immune system. Here’s how.

Iron Deficiency vs. Iron Deficiency Anemia: What’s the difference?

Learn the difference between iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia, what causes both, and how to treat them with a high-quality iron supplement.

Iron deficiency anemia and plant-based eating

Iron-rich vegan recipes and expert tips to maintain healthy iron levels and avoid iron deficiency anemia on a plant-based diet.

Foods that deplete your iron and can affect iron absorption

While some foods are packed with iron, others can block iron absorption—leading to iron deficiency anemia. Here are the foods and vitamins to watch out for. 

How to safely exercise if you have iron deficiency anemia

Anemia doesn’t mean your workout days are over. Here’s how to boost your iron levels while exercising safely and effectively.

Always cold? The link between anemia and body temperature

If you’re constantly shivering or your hands are always cold, iron deficiency anemia might be to blame for your thermoregulation woes. 

Your Guide to Iron Tests: How often should I be checking my iron levels?

Think you might have an iron deficiency? Here’s everything you need to know about getting your iron levels checked, the many types of iron tests, and how to have a more informed conversation with your doctor.

Iron for runners: Everything you need to know

56% of runners suffer from an iron deficiency. Here’s how every runner can spot the symptoms, take action, and prevent low iron and anemia for the long run. 

15 signs you might have an iron deficiency

Wondering if your iron levels are low (and what you can do about it)? Here are 15 of the most common symptoms of an iron deficiency.

Anemia and Crohn’s disease: how to safely up your iron intake

Over a third of people with Crohn’s disease suffer from iron deficiency anemia. We’re breaking down why — plus the best iron supplement for Crohn’s.

What does liposomal mean and how can it help my iron deficiency?

Does your iron supplement come in liposomal form? If not, it should. Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of liposomal iron.