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Now that your Doctor's recommended you try Ferosom Forte, we're here to help you along your entire journey to get your iron levels back on track! Whether your looking for maintenance or treatment, we've got you covered!

Why did your Health Care Practitioner prescribe Ferosom Forte?

1. Minimal to no side effects

88% of patients experience NO side effects when taking Ferosom Forte.*

Maybe you've experienced constipation or bloating from other iron
supplements - this is something you can avoid with Ferosom Forte.

2. High Absorption

Liposomal iron absorbs as well as IV Iron.1 By taking Ferosom Forte, you
may avoid the need for IV iron infusions at the clinic - how convenient!

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3. Easy to take

You can take Ferosom at any time, even with milk, yogurt, or coffee -
absorption will not be impacted.

What Doctors Are Saying

In my practice I frequently see chronic anemic patients that have difficulty in staying compliant with their iron supplement because of tolerance issues and ease of use. I have seen great results in patients using Ferosom. They experience fast results, easy on the gut and as a sachet format that is convenient for daily use.

Suleiman Furmli, MD Primary Care Physician Toronto, Ontario
What Customers Are Saying

My iron has gone up and zero stomach issues! Unlike other iron supplements, you don't have to time this around eating. I love that the other important vitamins I need are in here too. I'm a huge fan of this product. It's perfect. Zero complaints.

Michelle W., Canada

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*Based on a Ferosom Forte survey of 500 patients.

1. Oral liposomal iron versus intravenous iron in anemic cancer patients without iron
deficiency receiving darbepoetin alfa: a pilot study. Antonino Mafoddal & D. Giuffrida2 & A.
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